I created these courses with one goal in mind: for you to walk away confident and comfortable with not only your photography equipment but the magic you make post session during your editing process!

I break down technical language like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and RAW and walk you through the top rated editing apps for photographers: Adobe Lightroom Classic and the Mobile Lightroom App.

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"Since working as a blogger and Instagram influencer for the past five years, I’ve been searching for a course that would help me utilize my equipment to the fullest potential. Every course I came across was either too long or too expensive - that is, until Megan’s Photography Courses. After watching her Manual Mode course, my photography transformed.

With Megan’s course I was able to finally switch my Canon Mark IV out of auto mode and confidently shoot in manual mode for the first time ever. My photos went from blurry and poorly-lit to beautifully focused with stunning lighting. Yet the best part has been the confidence in my photography I now have because of Megan’s clear instruction and professional insight.

Each video is affordable, concise, and allows you to grow in your photography, and learn from the best. If I could recommend one photography resource, Megan’s courses are it!"

- Claire Couche